Project Durga

Project Durga

After successfully completing our project of empowering women through enterprises, our club is launching a new project of strengthening women through teaching them self defence techniques and that too at the school level. In today’s world self defence techniques are essential for the girls and women when they work, travel alone or in group. Named after the goddess Durga,a symbol of strenght and protection, we launched ” RCPM Durga project” on Monday, 12th September morning 7:30 AM at Panditrao Agashe School. The project will be done in 3 other schools – Ramachandra Rathi Highschool, Vimlabai Garware Highscool and Renuka Swaroop Vidyalaya for the girls studying in 7/8/9th standard.

RCPM has started the innovative project of training the girls with the help from Universal Sports School. Weekly sessions have started in each of these schools. Uniqueness of this project is that we are providing practical training to the girls and not just through ppts and videos. Our objective is to introduce girls the techniques of defending themselves from the attacks on women which we daily come across in news.

During Navratri, we organised formal opening of this project on Friday 30th September at Vimlabai Garware Highschool in the hands of ex ACP Mr. Dhananjay Dhopaokar, who himself was national Judo player and trained thousands of girls and boys for self defence.
Project would be done over the next 3 months with real practical sessions.
With this training, Girls will have lot more confidence to defend themselves against unscrupulous elements. And think about it.. even if there is one well trained girl, in the girl’s group… the entire group feels lot more safe.
With this project, we are also further deepening our relationship with organizations/schools who are ready to work with us on our social services road map.

Congratulations and Many thanks to Rtn.Datta, Rtn.Makarand, Rtn.Madhavi M, Rtn.Sunil Gokhale and Rtn.Amit Apte for conceptualizing, bringing ALL parties on board, getting them moving. It was indeed a Herculean task.

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