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Project Udaan

RSI Deasra Event on 8th October 2022

Rotary Club Pune Metro (RCPM) in collaboration with Renuka Swaroop Institute had initiated and completed several projects till date. Few projects are repeated showing the success of it. It includes supporting vocational training, empowering women to be independent, providing equipment, extending guidance. So far many women have benefitted from the vocational training mainly in areas like Fashion Design, Teachers’ Training , Computer Literacy, Beauty Parlor, Bal wadi Training etc.

According to RCPM, next step after training, is to let them start the profession by establishing a start-up business or use the skills as qualification to get the jobs. 80 % of the students were keen to start the business but look for some help and guidance to overcome initial hurdles. RCPM is already associated with deAsra Foundation (NGO Group started by Persistent System’s Anand Deshpande) to promote Entrepreneurship activities and build the culture.

First ‘open introductory meeting’ was conducted on 8th October, in the Institution’s premises. It was attended by over 60 ladies of different age and professional interest. deAasra Team (Ms Aishwairya, Ms Rupali) had interacted with the participants to know their current issues and challenges. Mrs. Sarika Wagh (Renuka Swaroop Institute) had organised entire event by inviting the students (past and present), arranging infrastructure, moderating the session and concluding it with positive action plans. Participants were open and candid to discuss and share the difficulties faced by them and expressed that the proposed learning and support will be very useful for converting their ideas into realities.

RCPM President Rtn. Vivek Kulkarni started this informal meeting with a brief introduction of Rotary, Association of RCPM with Renuka Swaroop Institution, Partnership of RCPM and deAasra. Rtn. PP Padma Shahane and Convener Ann Madhavi Chouhan coordinated the event from RCPM and will continue to take it forward to convert them as SWAYAMSIDHDHA (स्वयंसिध्द्धा) in true sense. deAsra team (Aishwairya and Rupali) explained their activities and how they can help ladies to set up the business.

First Lady Ann Madhavi Kulkarni, Ann Amruta Devchakke and Rajendra Erande were present during the event. Due to festival season, lot of students expressed about their inability to attend the event. They are extremely keen to attend forthcoming sessions and get associated with these activities.

With this unique initiative, in line with today’s need, RCPM intends to support budding woman entrepreneurs from Renuka Swaroop with necessary business start-up expertise in collaborating with deAsra.

Rotarian Vivek Kulkarni

President 2022-23

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Email: president.rcpm@gmail.com


Rotarian Girish Ranade

Secretary 2022-23

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