Book Donation Project

Report by Rtn. Amita Nene

The book donation drive originated from the abundance of books for children and young adults available in many households which are no longer read. Most cases the children have outgrown the books or they no longer hold appeal due to change in interests. Such books either continue to clutter the house or are sold as raddi. In either case, the books stay redundant or are destroyed. And many children lose an opportunity to enrich their lives.

We identified a few schools who would appreciate and welcome donation of a rich treasure of books to their library. Our appeal for good quality books for children was taken up very well and we were able to collect a very robust array of books.

Pres Surekha, Ann Kavita, Rtn Padma and convener Amita put in their time and efforts to sort and collate the collection for the 3 drives.

The drive started with our donation to a new rural school – Rajtoran English medium school, Malavali on 1st Sep. The school library was inaugurated with the collection of books donated by us. The event was very well organised by the school and well attended by the School Chairman, Director, Principal, teachers and students. RCPM donated 3 cartons of books for the school library and it was highly appreciated by the school. From RCPM, the event was attended by Pres Surekha, Rtn. Prerana, Ann Kavita and Rtn Amita..

Our 2nd drive was held on 8th Sept at our Interact Agashe English medium school.

The 3rd drive was on 12th Sep at our Interact Rathi Marathi medium School.

We donated a collection of books appropriate for the age groups 5 to 15 yrs in English and Marathi languages to the school library. The school principal Mrs. Pawar personally expressed appreciation and gratitude to RCP Metro for this thoughtful gesture.

The school principal, Interact coordinator Mrs Mone, Librarian and a few of our interactors were present for today’s event. From RCPM, Pres Surekha and Convener Amita were present to handover the collection.

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