Unique project in USA by Rotary clubs in Pune

“Rotary Club of Pune Metro” joins hands with Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North alongwith other Rotary clubs including six other Rotary clubs of India for providing pandemic Relief for Detroit .

The “Pandemic Relief for Detroit Project” was driven by a $73,000 project grant spanning multiple Rotary Districts half-way around the world with the support of the Rotary International Foundation co-sponsored Global Grant.

As a two-prong effort, the Rotary Clubs’ project grant supplied various critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items to stop the spread of COVID-19 infection. These materials will service local hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes working with the aged and underserved populations. The project grant’s second facet was cash assistance to nine food banks serving the hardest-hit areas in Detroit and neighboring communities in Ypsilanti, Pontiac, Novi and Ann Arbor.
In the formal online meeting for handover on 16th Dec , Jennifer Jones, Rotary International President Nominee (2022-23) said today is a historic day on many different levels.
The collaboration of Rotary Groups and partners that gathered donations and worked alongside Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan and collected a generous donation is a great help. This amplified the ability for them to provide lifesaving PPE kits and to provide food to the needy.
District Governor, Rotary District 3131, Rtn Rashmi Kulkarni applauded this initiative as an excellent example of the Rotary spirit to help wherever the need is.
Makarand Phadke, President – Rotary Club of Pune Metro said “The Rotary leaders from India contacted Ann Arbor and Detroit Rotarians to co-develop the project, after learning of the widespread suffering in the City of Detroit.” Together, these clubs then leveraged funds from five other Indian Rotary clubs in Pune and Bangalore. An innovative collaboration of participating Rotary Clubs from across five countries spearheaded a grant project to help thousands of persons in Metro Detroit area affected by health risks, job losses, and food insecurity due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
What makes this “Reverse” Global Grant project unique is that the focus of the humanitarian assistance effort is in the heart of the United States. The project’s sole objective was to support the nearly two dozen healthcare and non-profit institutions in the Metro Detroit areas affected by the pandemic.
Rotary Club of Pune Metro is proud to be part of this Global humanatarian work.
Unique project in USA by Rotary clubs in Pune

Rotary Clubs Organize Globally to Provide Pandemic Relief for Detroit

Rotary Club of Pune Metro in this year has provided Covid related protection equipment to Sassoon hospital along with other clubs, and have adopted Phalode village near Bhimashankar to provide basic facilities.
Due to pandemic situation USA has been affected. Our Rotary partner club in Ann Arbor, Detroit, USA approached Rotary Club of Pune Metro to support and be a partner to execute a project in Detroit, USA. Rotary Club of Pune Metro took the lead along with other clubs in Rotary District 3131RC of Pune Central, South, Pristine, and Inspira as partners. Rotary Club of Bangalore Brigade and Rotary clubs in Tanzania and Uganda also joined. Other Rotary Districts, Pioneer Medical Research Foundation, Kroger have also supported handsomely.
The project will support two dozen healthcare and non-profit institutions in the Metro Detroit areas – firstly, as material purchase and delivery to local hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes with supply of various (PPE) items and Secondly, as cash assistance to nine food banks and their suppliers in Detroit and Michigan.
Traditionally, Rotary clubs in developed world provide funds for projects in developing countries. This “Reverse” Global Grant project is unique as the focus of effort is in the heart of the United States! Rotary Clubs from developing nations are supporting this project.
The total project value is US $88000 and will be executed from December 15th to December 23rd.
The first and the major distribution event will be via a virtual meeting on December 15th where funds to purchase 90000 meals for Detroit’s most needy families will be handed over to Gleaners Community Food bank.
Rotary International President Nominee (2022-23) Rtn Jennifer Jones will preside over the function. Rotary Club of Pune Metro’s President, Rtn Makarand Phadke, will represent all the International supporting clubs at this event.
Rotary Clubs from District 3131are proud and happy to have been of assistance to their brethren in USA.
Tuesday December 15th at 20:30IST
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