Taarunybhaan 2.0 by RC Pune Metro

Taarunybhaan 2.0: First ever online Taarunybhaanby RC Pune Metro
reaching 7000+

Rotary Club of Pune Metro conducted their prestigious and path-breaking project Tarunybhan along with Savitribai Phule Pune University as the induction program “Deeksharambh” for post graduate students.

This workshop held by Padmashree Dr Rani Bang and her teammates gives young boys and girls a chance to hear and talk about the taboo subject of sex education, physical and psychological aspects of it and other general topics of primary concern amongst youth.

Every year Taarunyabhan is held as a three full day workshop, where Dr Rani Bang personally addresses the young boys and girls.  After 13 successful years, this year due to the pandemic situation, “Taarunyabhan”  was held online on 15th, 16th and 17th February 2021.  It was carried on a webinar platform and live on the Vidyapeeth You Tube channel.

The webinar began on 15th with a welcome address by Dr Vishram Dhole. SPPU VC Prof. Nitin Karmalkar, Rotary club of Pune Metro’s President Makrand Phadke addressed 1000+ students attending the program.

While on the first day Dr Rani Bang explained the basics of sex education and shared important biological facts, the second day was devoted primarily to psychological concerns, like choosing a partner, relationships, behaviour at workplace, depression etc. The sessions concluded on last day with information on abnormal sexual behaviour and addiction.  Though the time available was really short considering the vast subject matter, Ranitai gave full justice to all the topics. Her concern and affection for the new generation was evident in her presentation. The students were engrossed and that also showed in the questions they had and the comments they made.

The last day ended with a summary by Rotary club of Pune Metro’s PP Rtn. Dr. Madhavi Mehendaley, a presentation by Dr Anagha Tambe from SPPU, and vote of thanks by Dr Vishram Dhole.

Contributed by Convenor Ann Madhavi Kulkarni

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