Episode 7 of Web Series on Prevention of Addiction, 3rd March 2021

Say NO – Bolo NA 

Highlights of interview of Dr. Kaustubh Radkar: “Positive Addiction” 

The speaker for this episode was the fitness celebrity and Bolo Na Brand Ambassador Mr. Kaustubh Radkar. He was introduced by Rtn. Amit Apte.  Dr. Radkar is an expert on Community Health with special focus on heart health, a fitness trainer, a motivational speaker and much more. He is a ‘physical fitness addict’ and has completed the Ironman Triathlon 25 times, having participated in the event in all 6 continents. Dr. Radkar was interviewed by his student Shrinivas Patwardhan.

Dr. Radkar described the preparation required for the Ironman challenge. He said exercise helps in eliminating negativity and sports and physical activities are turning into positive addictions as they give the younger generation opportunity to brag on social media. However, motivation through social media is not the right way. Social media have created huge mental health issues, and inability to communicate with family which can wreck havoc with one’s health. But with a goal of physical achievement, a person looks forward to the training, can reduce stress and can get 6 to 8 hours of sleep for rest and recovery.

As an example he described Virat Kohli’s career, which was going the wrong way until he realized the importance of rest and recovery. Sports can be termed as good addictions if coupled with correct nutrition, proper rest & sleep and good music. Exercise is a positive stress, and has the beneficial side effect of positive thoughts.

The first steps are difficult, but can be made easy by keeping the phone away. Start slow, enjoy the process and increase gradually. Don’t chase a goal just because someone else is doing it.

Dr. Radkar felt that Rotary could contribute a lot to make the society healthier by involving Rotaracters and others in the health improvement process. In his view the take home from his talk was ‘Invest in positivity, invest in yourself. One must not wait for any specific time for it, the best time is always NOW!

This zoom meeting was attended by members of RCPM, along with students of IndSearch Society, Maharashtra Education Society and Rani Lakshmibai Girls Sainik School & Jr. College.

By  Rtn.Dileep Paranjpye


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