Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Global Grant Project – Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Our Global Grant project with 19 partner clubs from our district 3131 and 4 overseas Clubs is one of the flagship project of District 3131 in 2019-20

The Project value is USD 96,534. We will be vaccinating (2 rounds of HPV Vaccination) about 1840 schoolgirls (from Hadapsar, Mohammadwadi, Bhimashankar, Panvel, Kurkumb, Chakan, Pune, Uruli Kanchan).

RCPM started Cervical Cancer Vaccination Project from 24th June 2019 (1 week after schools opened).  Till October 8th, Vaccination camps were arranged at Chakan (2), Panvel, Kurkumb, Hadapsar (2), Mohammadwadi (3), Narodi (Near Bhimashankar), Uruli Kanchan, Pune. We completed Vaccination of 1861 girls against a target of 1840 girls, along with our partner Clubs.

Many volunteers from RCPM as well as other partner Clubs participated in the camp with key activities like Documentation Verification/collection, Vaccine Logistics, Vaccine Monitoring, beneficiary comforting, thereby ensuring the camp effectiveness and success. Many Partner clubs helped the camp with Medical staff either from their club or their associate/friendly/partner organizations.  We are thankful to all of them for their Valuable support.

All these camps gave us some new insights/facts in the life of these under privilege/ rural/tribal girls/families.  It was quite heartening to realize the spread of digital revolution, as in, everybody had Adhar card, almost everybody’s parent had a mobile phone, most of the girls  knew how to use smart phone at a minimum  the camera for regular photo and Selfie.

We started second phase as per plan, on 23rd December 2019. Completed second (and Final)  round of Vaccination of same set of girls. Till February End we completed vaccination of 1363 girls in Panvel, Hadapsar, Mohammadwadi, Chakan, Kurkumb, Narodi.

Countrywide Lockdown (and closure of Schools) from March,2020 has paused this activity for a time. We are now looking forward to opening of Schools to complete rest of the girls from Chakan, Uruli Kanchan and Pune.

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