Project Durga

The project Durga for self-defence is unique project by Rotary club of Pune Metro to enable young girls stay safe and strong and vigilant to face sudden challenges in society.

Rotary Club of Pune Metro has started this innovative self-defence project of training the girls studying in 7th, 8th and 9th standard in association with the Universal Sports School.
Uniqueness of Durga Project – It focusses on weekly, hour long, practical training sessions, in smaller groups, under the guidance and supervision of professional Experts, spanning over 3-4 months. Students are channelized to be strong both physically and psychologically in case of any aggression. They are taught various techniques which are well practiced using various tools for self-defence. We believe that this training will be useful to these girls all through their life.
Last year we successfully conducted this project in 3 schools and more than 300 girl students have benefitted from this program. This year we will be conducting this program with four schools. with Balshikshan mandir as new addition and more than 300 girls will be benefitted. Our Inauguration in Balshikshan Mandir was done by DG Rtn Manjoo Phadkeon 9th Sep. Our own Rtn Dr. Madhavi Mehendale joined the ceremony from MES and RCPM both. President Surekha introduced DG and they both addressed students and parents at Balshikshan. Rtn Amit Apte, Rtn Ashish Jog, IPP Vivek Kulkarni, Rtn Vaidehi Jog were present too.
Rtn Vaidehi Jog

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