Inauguration of Project “Watershed and Integrate d Socio Economic Development of Phalode Cluster Villages”

Visit to Phalode for Inauguration of Project “Watershed and Integrate d Socio Economic Development of Phalode Cluster Villages

Phalode is a small tribal village with lovely people struggling for access to clean water and other resources. This is ironic since it is one of the wettest places in Maharashtra. I was enthused to see the projects started by RCPM like deepening of the water tank giving access to drinking water, sales of the local produce and handicrafts, and adult literacy.

A day prior to visiting Phalode, I had the opportunity to visit Derewadi and Mhaswandi where our partner organization WOTR has been working since the 90’s. It was a real eye opener for me to see the transition from a wasteland to green fields with proper guidance and personal ownership from the villagers. The project at Phalode will bring greater prosperity to the village similar to the other villages where such projects are completed.

On 31st January, RCPM inaugurated the watershed management at Phalode village. It was heartening to see about two dozen members of our  club attending the inaugural function and mingling freely with the local villagers. The first part of the project was trenching and WOTR had done groundwork and marked the places where trenches were to be dug. Many of our members, led by President Makarand, whose pic you will see here, actually took the sickle and other implements in their hand and did “Shramadaan” by digging trenches. This was an inspiration to the villagers to continue and complete the trenching work as per WOTR guidance.

Indeed, the previous day also witnessed Rtn. Surekha, Kavita and Yogeshree guiding village women to make useful articles from cloth pieces. 

It was a unique and interesting experience for me, and it gave me a great sense of pride to be a part of RCPM where all members rolled up their sleeves and participated in “shramadan” and enjoyed a lovely meal prepared by the locals.

I look forward to visits to Phalode and see the transformation into a happy and self sufficient village.

by Rtn.Gautam Satpute

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