Bicycle Donation Drive

Bicycle Donation Drive, 22nd October 2023

The bicycle has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.” Susan B. Anthony

RCPM has undertaken a bicycle donation drive to help as many high-school age girls as possible to continue their emancipation and empowerment through the ability to continue education. Certain areas of Beed and Ahmednagar Districts have consistently shown the highest rate of school dropout among high-school age girls. One of the root causes has been identified as the lack of safe transportation options between school and home. This low-cost intervention has proven to address this social issue effectively in other parts of Maharashtra and across India.

On October 22, RCPM conducted its first bicycle donation drive to begin collecting functional and safe bicycles for the girls in need. Local ZP school principals have provided a verified list of such girls in need. We will continue to work through this list throughout RY 23-24 and beyond.

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