Anubandha end-to-end Cancer Patient Care

A ‘Cancer Awareness – Screening – Detection – Treatment with Counselling Project’ for Rural folks around Pune, Anubandh is Rotary Club of Pune Metro’s end-to-end innovative dream project.
  • All activities are patient centric. Patient will be moved thru the treatment chain.
  • Leveraging Government schemes, Rotary’s earlier efforts around Affordable Chemo, Radiation Machines to cover treatment cost and then Project taking care of Top up with specific limits.
  • Patient centric Data Analysis (Instead of Machine/treatment Centric) – Scalable to suit budget.
  • Replicable across the world.

Even, fund raising for Anubandh was done via innovative ‘GiveNShoot’ Event. A multi weekend, donor participative, Olympic style Rifle shooting, Financially Risk free event … adhering to continuously changing Covid Regulations around social distancing / meeting headcount.
Anubandh focus is around 3 Major Cancer types namely Oral Cancer, Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer .. covering both males and females.

The project was fully conceived internally within Rotary Club of Pune Metro, leveraging Club’s earlier experience with Cervical Cancer Vaccination a Global Grant Project.
It is an effort driven project for Rotary members to work together, for extended period, towards a cause – all thru the Patient treatment chain.
Passionate project team from RCPM, thru continuous communication over 6 months, did a great job of convincing The Rotary Foundation(TRF), District 3131 Foundation team, Donors across the world, Synergy Rotary Clubs in district and Overseas ( Some new overseas clubs as well) about the project’s social value proposition, resulting into all of them donating generously for the project. RCPM’s Steller record of executing large Global Grant projects in Rotary Focus areas such as Medical, Water, Education, helped in building their confidence in Anubandh and speeding up the project approval process. Anubandh was formally approved by TRF on 4th February 2023.. World Cancer Day.
Project has already taken off and so far, with experienced/dedicated Metropolitans volunteering, 3 camps have been conducted. Each camp has been a great learning experience.
Team is documenting all the learning and continuously fine tuning the Project Processes.
RCPM believes, this project/approach will further differentiate Rotary and has a potential to define a ‘New Way’ within Rotary International in doing Medical projects.
RCPM hereby is hereby making an appeal for more Metropolitans to join the project in the area of their interest.. without much worrying about Time/Travel constraints.
Project will surely give you sense of enrichment, satisfaction and new friends within Rotary over next 2 years.
Rtn. IPP Vivek Kulkarni

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Rotarian Surekha Deshpande

President 2023-24

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Rotarian Prerana Joshi

Secretary 2023-24

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