Weekly Meeting – 24th Sept’ 2020

The weekly meeting of Rotary Club of Pune Metro held on 24th Sept’20 dealt with a very important topic :

NEP – 2020 ( National Education Policy ) : Opportunities and Challenges.

This was a long awaited change that was a need of the hour. We metropolitans were fortunate enough to have eminent personalities – Dr. Varsha Shirgaonkar & Mrs. Jaya Panwalkar who explained the intention in planning and introducing this policy right from preschools to higher education. They explained the advantages and importance of executing the changes put forth by NEP – 2020.
I and many other educators are happy to welcome this change that can bring complete reformation in the system for the betterment of the coming generations. I myself feel the need of such modifications because we observe that today’s students are still learning the syllabus that existed during their grandparents’ era. The knowledge that they achieve after graduation doesn’t meet the requirement of the industries.
It took 34 years to bring out this change in our country and streamline the system of education that is more relevant in today’s changing times. The NEP – 2020 is meant to give a new vision and comprehensive framework for both: school and higher education across the country. It will bring out a complete redesigning in the curricular structure of formal education, putting forth some major initiatives like introduction of vocational courses, doing away with board exams and MPhil program, absorbing arts and science, technical and teachers education. It also puts forth the proposal to make mother tongue, the medium of instruction till class 5 and changes in the assessment pattern. It will open doors to international universities to establish in India.
With an eye on the future, NEP – 2020 hopes to bring about lot of positive changes focusing on more practical, conceptual and experimental learning. The introduction of this policy is applauded as it will rearrange the curricular and pedagogical structure of education.
It’s been long since education is changing us; it’s time we change the education…….!!!!!!!
Ann. Arusha Majali.
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