The Halloween Party

R. C Pune Metro Fellowship Event on 26th October 2023 

Pres Surekha had expressed her desire at the beginning of the RY 23 -24 to have a Halloween

Theme Party in the last week of Oct and let our members experience Halloween!!

Bengal was the theme for October and our October Saarathis were coming up with many.

activities during the month to introduce our members to Bengali language and culture but we’re generous to dedicate the last programme to the Halloween Theme Party.

The party was a huge success and a great experience for all who were present. The hall was decorated to match the theme, the food, the dresses and make up followed the theme and to add to the fun was glamour, with an anchor Divya who kept all 50 people present totally engrossed with the games she rolled out one after the other.

The atmosphere was further made spooky with people wearing fearsome masks, some got their faces painted with spiders by Dr Madhavi and hands painted by Rotaractors.

The welcome drink of blood red fresh pomegranate juice served in glasses set the mood of the party!

Pres Surekha gave a brief introduction of Halloween and also similarities between Halloween and some Indian traditions. This was followed by a grand session of party games conducted by the very energetic Divya who made everyone sing, make weird haunting sounds, dance and just chill it out.

Prizes for best dressed boys and damsels were announced by Yogshree and Aditi and Divya chose many winners for the games. The time to enjoy the dinner had come.

The guests were very happy to view the manner in which the catering area was given a party look. The theme food that consisted of hot pumpkin soup, masala bread, garlic bread, pasta penne in red sauce and to top it all homemade pumpkin cakes made by Pres Surekha completed the Halloween Theme Party. Abiz Kitchen served the food in a very pleasant manner, patiently serving hot pasta.

The presence of Rotaractors from our newly formed Rotaract Club added youthful energy to the party and they easily mingled with Rotarians.

An evening to be cherished for a long time was the general feeling of those present. Ann Purnima as the fellowship chairman deserved a great applause for trying a new caterer.

For the Saarathis and Programme Committee, it was a wonderful experience in arranging a

Theme Party and for many of the Club members it was a different party experience.

Rtn Mohan Chhatre

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Rotarian Surekha Deshpande

President 2023-24

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Rotarian Prerana Joshi

Secretary 2023-24

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