Meeting our friends at RC Ann Arbor

11th August Meeting: Presentation by IPP Makarand Phadke at Rotary Club of Ann Arbor.

I was invited by Rotary Club of Ann Arbor (RCAA) to their weekly meeting of August 11th to give an update on the COVID centre initiatives undertaken by District 3131 during the second COVID wave. The meeting was conducted on Zoom. Rotary Club of Ann Arbor was one of the collaborator clubs from USA in the COVID initiatives carried out by District 3131. RCAA is one of the oldest Rotary Clubs having been established in 1916 and with a membership of 300+ members.

Beginning with NICU Global Grant, RCAA and RCPM have worked together on five global grants thus far.

I spoke about the Covid centre, Sane Guruji Hospital Pediatric Covid ward etc. The update was appreciated by the members. In particular, the collaborative spirit, the flexibility in adapting to constantly changing scenarios was all appreciated. Before I ended the presentation, I also mentioned that our Club was ranked #1 amongst all the Rotary clubs in District 3131. I believe presentations such as these help cement our relationship.

The meeting format was in many ways similar to our weekly meetings. But there were some important differences as well. The meeting began with a patriotic song played on the piano by one of the RCAA members, a piano virtuoso. This was followed by ‘Inspiration’ narrated by one of their club members. In this meeting Rtn. Pattie spoke about how music had been an inspiration to her from her very childhood. Continuing with the music theme, one of the members played a video about people from various parts of the world coming together to promote peace. Both the inspiration and the music piece feature new members each meeting.

Report by IPP Makarand Phadke


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