'Get to Know New Members' – Club Meeting 13th August

Fabulous program!

RCPuneMetro arranged an interesting programme on August 13th, 2020, “get to know” the new joiners to our club and the players  / actors were:

  • Rajas & Milind Phadke,
  • Jayant & Radhika Keskar,
  • Laxmikant & Shankari Shinde,
  • Gautam & Priti Satpute,
  • Shubha & Ajit Pradhan
  • Niesh & Archana Shirke
  • Ashish & Vaidehi Jog and
  • Anand and Amruta Devchakke.
Due to the present situation, physical interaction being a hurdle, RCPuneMetro planned this Zoom session to have a chat with them in the form of interviews. All the joiners were extremely comfortable chatting and letting us peep into their lives with travel experiences, scary incidents, their life journeys with hurdles, et al.
We heard about the unusual cuisine tasted by Gautam Satpute during his travels, Rajas telling us about the nature’s creatures in Sindh Society, how training became his life’s passion by Anand, how he manages his farm at the village as well as other businesses like the Sukhakarta dining hall in Pune from Nilesh… Ah, yes! We also had a scary vision of Ashish having a near miss on his bike!!!
Shubha showed us how happiness comes in the form of “No school” or as she calls it “Fun School” where the children are shown other aspects of life than academics.
Jayant and Radhika are avid readers and have a huge collection of books! And Laxmikant chose to join Rotary for his wife!!!!!
All in all a wonderful session conducted by the August Shiledars.
A big thank you to our back stage operators Nayana and Rajan; our Admin committee for their help in bringing this idea; a huge thank you to all the audience who, I am sure, thoroughly enjoyed this program; and last but not the least the interviewers: Shirish, Snehal, Mohan and yours truly…..
Rtn Surekha Deshpande
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