Marmabhandhatali Thev Hee

Marma Bandhatali Thev

7th July was the first entertainment program of the Rotary new year. The president and the first lady were given a very traditional welcome with haldi kunku and puneri pagdi for the president. The guests were welcomed to fellowship with the tunes of Shehnai and the hall screen playing the scenes of wedding of Ketaki and Varun- daughter and son-in-law of Rtn Neelkanth and Ann Shubhada.
After the regular working of the rotary meeting with president vivek and secretary Girish, the hosts Ann Shubhada and Rtn Neelkanth introduced us to the artists of the evening. “Marmabandhatali Thev” was the name of the program. Renouned singers Chinmay Joglekar and Savani Datar Kulkarni who are professional Marathi Sangeet Natak performers sang number of beautiful compositions. They started with Naman Natavara – a naandi, then went on to deliver famous compositions like “Ragini mukh chandrama” , from “Yayati Devyani” – “Madhukar van van” and “Ghei Chhand Makarand”.
The program ended with the Abhang “Johar my baap Johar”. Mrs. Varsha Joglekar did the compering of the program. Leeladhar Chakradeo on organ and Abhijit on Tabla supported the artists. Rtn Anil Joshi did the vote of thanks.

The evening culminated into a scrumptious dinner with maharashtrian “pangant” style. This is memorable eveing came about thatnks to President Vivek, First lady Madhavi, Secretory Girish, Snehalata, Yogeshree, Shubhada, Neelkanth and the metro members! We will indeed remember this for a long time.

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