DRT Program

PP Rtn. Mohan Chhatre
24th August 2023

Our Club undertook the first of the three DRT program planned for the year on 24th August. District Resource Trainer Rtn Radha Gokhale was invited to conduct this program in the presence of AG Rtn Vasavi Mulay.

The members were greeted with a unique fellowship going with the theme of the month Kerala. The meeting started at around 7:15 pm and after brief announcements, was handed over to Rtn Radha.

She had planned the game Monopoly for our Club. Four teams consisting of 2 players each were selected, and the dice started rolling. The questions on the cards were based on 5 different categories and required good knowledge of Rotary to answer.

Most of the questions were answered correctly, but a few questions were tricky – like “What is the name of the highest recognition towards foundation known as”. This could not be answered by anyone, but added to the knowledge of the members present.

All who were present got a chance to play the game and all members forgot their age while undertaking activities mentioned on the cards like Rajesh Ingale and Milind Sakunde who were made to perform push-ups. AG Rtn Vasavi was noting down scores for each team and PP Rtn Abhay helped Radha to conduct the game.

In the end, DRT Rtn Radha was generous in giving away gifts to the first 3 teams and AG Rtn Vasavi gave gifts to 3 of the most recent members who had joined RCPM.

PP Rtn Dr Abhay proposed a Vote of Thanks and asked the DRT team to raise the bar a little higher and ask more tougher questions.

As Rtn Vaidehi had rightly written on the invite for the program, it was Rotary Information given in a very entertaining way.

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